So Why Should You Take A Luxury Yacht Charter In Montenegro?

“Montenegro is the new Croatia”, although it’s much more affordable and a lot more intimate than Croatia, due to its size. But in this case, size doesn’t always make the difference as Montenegro has so much more to offer for its visitors and the people who reside there. With over 180 miles of beautiful coastline and vast stretches of beaches, there’s no wonder that Montenegro is a yachting favourite. With so much to do in the country, it can be overwhelming choosing exactly what to do, but with our 10 reasons to take a luxury yacht charter in Montenegro, you will have all the information you need to get you well on your way with a luxury yacht charter in this beautiful country.

1) It’s Affordable

A place like Kotor can be enjoyed on the cheap, much cheaper than the Croatian coast anyway. Prices are reasonable in Kotor, especially considering the added value of the natural surroundings, which are free. Why not take the Great Montenegro Tour, where you can travel through magnificent mountainous roads and admire scenic lookout points and historical villages. You can even go swimming in crystal-clear waters at pebble beaches, try river rafting and sample local delicacies all for around 35 Euro, making it the perfect location for your luxury yacht charter in Montenegro.

Yacht Charter Montenegro

2) Hidden Gems

Montenegro houses many hidden gems with the most breathtaking scenery imaginable. Take a road trip through the mountains of Durmitor National Park that has lakes, hiking trails and free roaming animals like goats, horses and dogs. You can also fall in love with clear waters and canyons of Piva Lake and Tara Canyon, where you can hike and go river rafting.

Yacht Charter Montenegro

3) Stretches of Coasts

With 180 miles of beautiful coastline and 45 miles of beaches and a number of well-preserved historic towns and villages, you will never be far from a beach and with fewer crowds than Croatia, you can make the most of it. So why not take a luxury yacht charter in Montenegro?

4) 250 days of Sun

Montenegro has 250 days of sun a year with typical Mediterranean wind conditions. The summer sailing season comes to life in May and lasts through to mid-October, though the best time to be there is during the high season on June, July August where temperatures reach the mid 30’s.

Yacht Charter Montenegro

5) Anchorages and Moorings

While exploring the coast, you will come across secluded anchorages, moorings in captivating bays and large marinas with an array of amenities to accompany your yacht charter.

Yacht Charter Montenegro

6) Culture and Heritage

When you reach the shore, you will be welcomed by an abundance of culture in the city. There is so much to see in the old city and plenty to learn about the European history… The splendid city wall, narrow streets and Mediterranean mood make Kotor one of the most memorable stopovers in the Adriatic sea. The natural and culturo-historical region of Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is simply unmissable.

Yacht Charter Montenegro

7) Accessibility

Montenegro is easily accessible, as Kotor harbour is nicely situated close to town, which has amenities, restaurants and a lively night life.

Yacht Charter Montenegro

8) Underwater Wildlife

Fancy scuba-diving? Why not give it a try as nearby islands including Katic and Sveta is famous for it’s underwater wildlife. Montenegro has over 40,000 registered marine fish species, so what are you waiting for, the country offers a unique yachting experience like no other.

Yacht Charter Montenegro

9) Charming Fishing Villages

If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Rose is a cozy fishing hamlet with a picturesque port. It manages to convey a true sense of relaxation and tranquility. Rose boasts quiet coves, sandy beaches and calm lookout points that allow visitors to experience Montenegro’s natural allure.

Yacht Charter Montenegro

10) Bay of Kotor

The main attraction in Montenegro for people who rent a yacht is the UNESCO Bay of Kotor, described as Europe’s southernmost fjord, a submerged river canyon of the former Bokelj River. Kotor boasts the old town, the most famous part of Kotor where the history, culture and tradition are preserved. The old town has a great number of monuments including churches, cathedrals, palaces and museums.

Yacht Charter Montenegro

11) Unique Experiences

Montenegro offers unique experiences incomparable to any other. You can try sailing in Herceg Novi, renowned for the clearest water in the Adriatic Sea, have a look at Blue Cave you won’t be left disappointed. Small boats can enter the cave and tourists can have a swim under natural blue luminescence hidden in the rocks. You know you want to take a luxury yacht charter in Montenegro.


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