Rosa Motor Sailor Refit – Part Five

Over the last few weeks we’ve watched as motor-sailer Rosa has been steadily revamped, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Captain Andi and his partner Ivana. We’ve seen the new galley, the slick new paint job, and lots of other tweaks and changes that will enhance the experience for all guests who choose to charter Rosa this summer. Let’s take a look at some of the latest updates, and see how Captain Andi and Ivana are getting on!

In one of our earlier blogs, we showed you the new screen rails being ‘dry’ fitted – now it’s time for the final installation, which will revamp the entire windscreen area.

Here’s a great picture for comparison. The old glazing being held up shows exactly how much bigger the new windscreen will be! This improves visibility for everyone on board.

This is just before the windscreen went in – can you spot the welder in the background?

This is Pero – the only specialist working on the Rosa refit. He’s completing all of the welding to position the new windscreen perfectly. Aside from Pero, you may remember that all tasks are being complete by Captain Andi and Ivana.

This is where the brand new windscreen wraps the corner – those stylish raking lines look fantastic! We think guests are going to love the view from here.

Here you see Pero’s welder again – it’s a TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welder, which uses non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld. It goes over our heads a little, but Pero knows exactly what he’s doing with this device!

A great picture of Pero in action with the welder. You can also see a better angle of the raking lines.

Check out the master at work! As you can imagine, it’s hard to capture exactly how bright the welding process is on a camera – we’ll have to leave it to your imaginations.

Sheer concentration. We’d like to thank Pero for all the hard work he’s done making the new windscreen look great!

This is how Pero cleans up the joints after welding. During the welding process, the stainless steels can become a little smudged and marked, and we don’t want to leave it this way. Pero uses a special acid to remove the marks, then simply wipes away the substance for a flawless finish.

That’s all for our fifth instalment – check back next week to see how Rosa is progressing!


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