Rosa Refit – Part One

Rosa Motor Sailor Refit – Part One

Here at East Med Yachting, we pride ourselves on offering clients access to some of the world’s most beautiful yachts, gulets and motor sailers – and as you can imagine, it takes a lot of work to keep the boats in prime condition, ready to welcome guests aboard.

One of our most popular motor sailers, Rosa, is currently undergoing a full superstructure refit, along with some alterations to the galley, thanks to Captain Andi and his partner Ivana. We thought it would be great to show just how much effort goes into updating and maintaining boats like Rosa, and this blog is the first in a series which will show exactly how the refit progresses. We’ll be posting updates week by week, giving intriguing insight into the work that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ on the marina.

Our enormous thanks to Captain Andi and Ivana, who are completing all of the work themselves – not an easy feat! Let’s take a look at how the refit progressed in its early stages.

First, Captain Andi and Ivana had to remove all the glazing from the bridge windows, to prepare the bridge for the alterations that were about to be made.

Once the glazing was out of the picture, attention turned to installing a track canopy. As you can see here, this is a little like a pelmet that you might use to disguise a curtain rail at home. This new installation has two purposes: firstly, it gives guests greater control over their privacy. If they’re moored by another yacht, they can choose to cover the sides on the aft deck to prevent anyone from peeping in. Secondly, it helps to divert any cool breeze, keeping pleasant temperatures on the aft deck, which tends to be where people take their meals on board.

Here’s a better picture of the new track canopy. Just behind the window, you can see the air vent scoop, which ventilates the lower cabins.

When carrying out alterations to the superstructure of a boat, it’s important that the bridge is supported throughout. These inox (stainless steel) supports were installed at the front of the bridge to keep it upright while work was being carried out. These supports also serve as extensions to the air vents with the scoops now being positioned above the bridge roof.

Here, you can definitely see where Captain Andi and Ivana have started to cut out much of the superstructure – if you look closely, you can also see the new supports in the form of vent conduits on both the port side and the starboard side.

Finally, here’s an image of Rosa after a hard day’s work. Captain Andi and Ivana do take great pride in their work, and always make sure the boat is left spotless in the evenings! Rosa is currently in Kotor, Montenegro (you can see the spectacular mountains in the background of many of these images) but her home port will be the lovely Croatian city of Split when the refit is finished.

Look out for part two of this series, where we’ll be taking a look at the brand new tender, and the fabulous new floor in the galley!