Why East Med Yachting?

The Region
For thousands of years the people of the Mediterranean have been engaged in maritime activities of one kind or another, mainly commerce interspersed with the odd bout or two of conflict, to achieve success in either, each town and/or island has needed to provide safe mooring for trading ships and be able to protect itself from seaward attack by sporting its own fleet of vessels.

The infrastructure required to allow of such trading and to support this naval might has left a legacy of harbours, both large and small, which could not be more perfect to play host to the visiting luxury yacht. To create the level of infrastructure today would cost hundreds, nay thousands of billions, whether Euros, GB Pounds or US Dollars is immaterial the cost would most likely be incalculable in any currency.

Natural bays and coves in which to find total seclusion are countless around the Mediterranean shores, affording a yacht and her guests peaceful privacy in some of the most beautiful environs the world has to offer.

Modern marinas are plentiful around the Mediterranean offering first class facilities and providing easy access to a luxury crewed yacht.

No other cruising area in the world can offer such diversity of history, natural beauty and cosmopolitan flair as the Mediterranean.

The Company
Our objective is to place the client on the most suitable charter yacht for their requirements and budget, to help create the experience of a lifetime and to make the whole process as convenient as possible.

From a wealth of personal experience of the areas and the yachts we have to offer we can provide our clients with a tailor made cruise itinerary to relax and enjoy whilst the world passes by, alternatively we can give unbiased advice and aid a client to create their very own itinerary.

Too many times we have seen charter yachts tramping the same old milk runs through the Mediterranean, the clients get to see what is most convenient for the captain, enough we say!

With a little help from our experienced staff we offer the chance for you to make your very own journey of discovery.