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“Montenegro is the new Croatia”, although it’s much more affordable and a lot more intimate than Croatia, due to it’s size.

About Montenegro

“Montenegro is the new Croatia”, although it’s much more affordable and a lot more intimate than Croatia, due to it’s size. But in this case, size doesn’t always make the difference as Montenegro has so much to offer for it’s 650.000 population and the millions of visitors it attracts each year. The country is considered one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations and is labelled the pearl of the Mediterranean, which is down to the country having so many hidden gems. Situated on the South of the Adriatic, it boasts natural wealth which is ever present by it’s breathtaking mountains, like the Durmitor National Park, perfect for hiking and long walks. Or, you can take a raft on the Tara River Canyon, one of Europe’s three deepest at 1300m. Once you’ve admired the the clear lakes and fast rivers, there’s the beautiful stretches of coasts to appreciate. From lunches on the banks of Skadar Lake, to peaceful evening walks on the along the pure coastline, you will never be short of natural beauty to admire or things to do in Montenegro. The country boasts natural landscapes, stunning glacial lakes, winding river canyons, heritage and culture, wildlife reserves and astonishing mountains, you would find it difficult to get bored.

Why Yacht Charter in Montenegro

Montenegro lies on the Adriatic Sea, it’s breathtaking coastline stretches over 180 miles which is accompanied by 45 miles of beautiful sandy beaches. The country is also renowned for its well-preserved historic villages and towns, which are waiting to be explored. A yacht charter in Montenegro is more than ideal, as the region offers more than 250 days under the sun, and poses great weather conditions for sailing for all levels of boating experience. For most of the year, wind speeds are moderate and the temperatures are warm, perfect for swimming and basking in the sun. The best time for sailing is during the high season of June, July and August, however, the summer sailing season springs to life in May and lasts through to mid-October. During your sailing escapade, you can enjoy exploring unique anchorages and moorings in bays and prominent marinas that are surrounded by shops and amenities. Not to forget the astonishing coastline, for you to explore.

If you’re looking for a yacht charter with more culture, Montenegro will not disappoint. Whilst you are taking in the aesthetically pleasing scenery, when you want to reach the shore, you will be warmly welcomed by an abundance of culture, places to enjoy the local food and a plethora of historic sites. Montenegro has to offer the historical region of Kotor, for the yachting elite, a medieval town surrounded by overwhelming mountains and sea. Kotor is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, if culture and history is more your thing. Other World Heritage sites in Montenegro include, Durmitor National Park, with the deepest gorges in Europe.

Yacht Charter Montenegro also offers accessibility. Kotor harbour is nicely situated close to town which has amenities, restaurants and a lively nightlife. If you want the yachting experience of a lifetime, Montenegro is the ideal place. It has so much to offer… Stunning landscapes, a chance to see exotic wildlife and other exciting adventures. Always wanted to try deep sea diving? Nearby islands Katic and Sveta Nedjelja is famous for it’s underwater wildlife, Montenegro has over 40,000 registered marine fish species. So what are you waiting for? The country offers a unique yachting experience, like no other.

Yacht Charter Montenegro


Yacht Charter Montenegro


Yacht Charter Montenegro

Mamula Island

Yacht Charter Montenegro


Yacht Charter Montenegro


Yacht Charter Montenegro

Sveti Stefan

Yacht Charter Montenegro

Herceg Novi

Yacht Charter Montenegro


Yacht Charter Montenegro

A selection of yachts available to charter in and around Montenegro.

History of Montenegro

In 2006, Montenegro declared its independence and became its own country in a bid to improve living standards for the people of the country. But the present way of life, has come with a struggle of the past.

Montenegro first got it’s name in the 15th century. The Ottoman Empire tried to take over the country, however the country resisted. During the 1500s – 1800s the government in Montenegro became a theocracy, where priests ruled in the name of God. The government then left the church in 1852.

It was following World War l where Montenegro became part of the Kingdom of the Serb, Croats and Slovenes and then became part of the country in Yugoslavia. When Yugoslavia became communist and a member of Soviet Union, where Montenegro joined them. Montenegro became part of federation with Serbia when the Soviet Union Collapsed.

In 1991, Milo Dukanovic became prime minister of Montenegro and he remains in that position to this day.