Yacht Charter Turkey

Take in the awe-inspiring coastline from the deck of your yacht in one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, you won’t regret it.

Why Yacht Charter Turkey

Take in the awe-inspiring coastline from the deck of your yacht in one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, trust us, you won’t regret it. There’s so much waiting for you in Turkey, a beautiful coastline waiting to be explored. A mixture of exquisite Middle Eastern, Asian and European food waiting to be sampled. Intriguing history to be unravelled, incredible landscapes and natural wonders to be admired. However, most importantly, it’s sea’s are waiting to be sailed. Turkey has an abundance of things to do, whether that’s lazing on the beach basking in the sun, or a city break for a cultured and historical journey, a yacht charter Turkey has it all.

Take a Step Back In Time On a Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey

Be taken back in time by the Glory of the Hagia Sophia museum built in 532 and 537 AD. Or visit the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, or the Underground Basilica Cistern… The possibilities are endless. If you are looking for a holiday jam-packed with outdoor activities, you can do just that whilst also admiring the astonishing scenery from some of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can escape from the hustle and bustle of the Turkish lifestyle if you like. Whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed with a yacht charter Turkey.

Scenic Views Not To Be Missed – Yacht Charter Turkey

Love taking in beautiful, scenic panoramic views? You will be spoilt for choice if you choose to take a yacht charter Turkey. Located in the East Mediterranean sea, and classed as one of the best holiday spots in the world, why not experience it for yourself?

Witness Awe-Inspiring Landmarks – Yacht Charter Turkey

The astonishing views of Cappadocia will leave you lost for words, as you take in it’s arid, rock formations – in central Turkey. Or you could visit the breathtaking Pamukkale situated in western Turkey, famous for its thermal waters flowing down a scenic terraced hillside. Or spend the day lounging in Ölüdeniz, which sits south of Fethiye, where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean, renowned for its clear-blue waters, perfect for swimming, and it’s sandy white beaches ideal for absorbing the sun. Or potentially from the comfort of your yacht during your yacht charter Turkey.

Best Places to Visit During Your Yacht Charter Turkey

Want something a bit more exhilarating? Visit Istanbul or the capital city Ankara, where you will be able to fully immerse yourself into the Turkish lifestyle by sampling the country’s finest delicacies, shop at the Grand Bazaar for a unique experience like no other, where you will also be able to witness an explosion of culture and the arts, whilst taking in the picturesque views of local towns with cobblestoned streets, what’s not to love?

Cater For Everyone On Your Yacht Charter Turkey

Turkey has something for everyone in this versatile country, so rest assured that your guests will feel right at home with your yacht charter. Turkey offers stunning, immaculate waters, not far from coves and bays surrounded by picture-perfect views, that can be admired from 360 degrees. Turkey boasts many aesthetically pleasing south coastal towns such as Antalya, Kaş, Fethiye, Göcek and Marmaris, where you will be free to sample what each has to offer. On the western coastal towns of Bodrum, Didim, Yalikavak and Kusadasi and the gulfs of Gokova and Hisaronu are never far from the ideal mooring. So what are you waiting for? Book your yacht charter Turkey soon to avoid disappointment.

Turkey is considered one of the best sailing spots in the Mediterranean, the Gulf of the Göcek is home of the four of the main Turkish marinas and boasts beautiful underwater views, so why not see for yourself and try out scuba diving?

Yachts Available – Yacht Charter Turkey

The most common type of yachts available for charter in Turkey are luxury Gulets motor sailers, and sailing yachts, offering the ideal extravagant accommodation for you and your guests. The modern interior will impress whoever’s onboard, and the overall experience will not be forgotten for a long time. Turkey heavily features harbours on vibrant cities, where you will be able to take part in perfect yachting activities.




Gulf of Gokova


English Harbour
















Manastir Bay












Sedir Island


Gulf of Hisaronu





Yacht Charter Turkey

A selection of yachts available to charter in and around Turkey.

History of Turkey

Around Turkey, you will find lots of statues and pictures of one man named Mustafa Kemal, who has been labelled a Turkish hero. He was labelled ‘Ataturk’ which means ‘Father of the Turks’ and he made many beneficial changes to life in Turkey, which Turkish people still thank him for to this day. He made many changes to life in Turkey, he played a significant role in making the country as peaceful as it is today. In 1923, he founded the Turkish Republic which made Turkey it’s own country and put an end to the Ottoman Empire, Turkey’s own empire – where there was a battle for who was the most powerful country. The Ottoman Empire was created by Osman and lasted for 600 years until Ataturk ended it, who died in 1938.

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